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  • 99% naturally derived ingredients

  • 100% vegan - approved by Vegan Society

  • no silicons, dyes or microplastics

  • 100% recycled & recyclable

Unique and gentle scents

  • Ylang Ylang & Vetiver

    A unique melody that combines the floral radiance of Ylang-Ylang with the fresh note of Vetiver. A citrusy touch of bergamot and aromatic mint leaves gives this signature creation its final elegant note.

  • Coconut Water & Minerals

    The indulgent, tropical scent of coconut water and caring minerals come together to create an intriguing scent that is characterised by both its freshness and rich nuances.

  • Peony & White Tea

    Two botanicals harmonised to perfection: the soft, floral accent of peonies is infused with the relaxing note of white tea. The result is a unique scent with both fresh and earthy attributes.

Good feeling: Sustainable sourcing & biodegradable application.

  • 100% vegan

    We use local rape seed as base for making a high performance softening ingredient that is sustainable as well.

  • Natural scents

    All our natural scents are sourced and created with the utmost commitment to quality and responsibility.

  • Free & fabulous

    No silicone, dyes and micro plastics: just natural quality and performance.

We Take Care Of Your Laundry - And The Environment

Going natural means going all the way, which is why every aspect of Vernal Naturals is centred on fostering positive change for people and the planet. From sustainably sourced ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging - we believe that quality and accountability go hand in hand. It's all part of our wider, global commitment to creating products with the future in mind.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Natural contents should come with packaging that also takes the environment into consideration. That’s why Vernel packaging is both sustainable and 100% recycled. In helping maximize recycling efficiency, both the sleeve and bottle can be separately disposed of. It’s easy and helps make a difference.

Now it´s your turn - unwrap for the environment

  1. Pull down the zipper
  2. Remove the outer film
  3. Dispose of sleeve and bottle separately